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We are a Pretoria (South-Africa) based performance company led by Karel Stols with over 20 years of race experience. Your performance needs is our goal. While we are a specialized rotary performance shop and race team, we do offer performance brands that extend beyond the Mazda Rotary. Performance installations and setups for piston powered applications are also available.

We offer everything from advice to expert engine rebuilds, repair and maintenance. Rotrix specialize in conversions - from normally aspirated / stock motors, to turbo performance motors for both street or drag applications. All which are tailored to fit your specific needs. Our focus however always remains with quality over quantity when it comes to performance engines, turbos, modifications, tuning and preparations. Our turn-around time is subject to projects in progress.

“Racing is unique amongst sports. The basic concept of racing has remained the same -- get from point A to point B before anybody else does. Although, going from 0-120 km/h in a couple of seconds might be nirvana for some people, it is actually the adrenaline and thrill for the speed and feel of the Boost that forms the ultimate high. But unlike other sports, the means and ways it is done is so varied....whether it is a drag race, drifting, track racing or doing stunts on bikes, it provides one with so many opportunities to enjoy the sport. Thus, it also spawns a richness of history no other sport is capable of matching.”

Service & general maintenance on cars – Piston or Rotary Rotary Performance tuning: Street Porting Bridge Porting Bridge Porting Custom exhaust porting to fit intake porting or performance requirements Dowling – for extra strength and prevention of casing distortion under high            boost pressure Rotor machining: Install and tuning of Electronic Management systems: Secondhand rotary parts... contact us for your needs... Lightening of rotors Balancing 3mm Apex seal machining Mr Turbo Spittronics Microtech – On request Dicktator etc.